Creating Legends in Wax

Each waxed jacket goes through an historic process to achieve the unique Belstaff patina. Discover the process, and how to re-proof your own jacket.

Belstaff has been the adventurous man and woman’s brand of choice for nearly 100 years. Our clothes took shape in the same way then as they do today – with the finest leather and cotton ready to be transformed. The luxury and rugged function of a Belstaff jacket is not an accident, but a product of great craftsmanship and expertise. These skills have been honed and handed down through the generations by our suppliers.

For our waxed leather jackets, approximately ninety panels are cut, and then stitched together before hand applying the heated wax which makes them water repellant. This process alone takes an hour and a half per jacket, and forty minutes for each pair of boots.

For our waxed cotton jackets, our environmentally friendly cambric cotton is put through an industrial process that has remained the same for years. Factory rollers in our historic mill completely infuse the cotton with wax, turning it darker and heavier, breathable yet waterproof, ensuring that it is ready for any weather. This attention to detail results in the beautiful and protective Belstaff sheen that gets better with age. It is with this level of consideration that they reach our stores and our customers.

The Belstaff Waxed Cotton Jacket Collection
The Trialmaster

The first ever waxed cotton four-pocket jacket produced by Belstaff, the Trialmaster embodies our history in supplying racing wear for the earliest motorcycle trials of the nineteenth century. An internal waist drawstring and bellows pockets make for a classic look that works as well off the bike as it does on.

The Roadmaster

Introduced in 1981, the Roadmaster is one of the most iconic Belstaff jackets of all time. Modelled on the original Trialmaster design, this modernized edition has a closer, more streamlined fit. An instant bestseller and a wardrobe staple for the all-weather adventurer.

The Panther

Also inspired by the Trialmaster, the Panther is its calf leather, belted counterpart, hand-waxed for an authentically rough, worn-in feel and water-repellence. A slanted left breast pocket is designed for easy access when riding, and our quilted liner the Waistcoat, may be affixed inside for extra warmth during colder months, as with all our classic jackets.


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