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A New Capsule Collection from Belstaff.
Classic inspiration meets modern innovation.

Our new capsule collection is the perfect embodiment of a forward-looking heritage brand. A thoughtful and considered look back at a rich and detailed past in order to map out the road ahead, full of bold ingenuity as familiar shapes give way to new ones.

This, perhaps, should come as no surprise – ingenuity and innovation are at the core of our tradition. From co-founder Eli Belovitch’s early work on fabric development and waterproofing, to the pioneering use of technology for wartime barrage balloons and beyond, we have been a brand rich in history, but always with an eye to the future.

It’s that attitude that we’ve brought to the fore with this collection; a mixture of outerwear, knitwear and shirts that provide modern outlines with a direct lineage to the past. Classic inspiration meets modern innovation.

The Garrison Jacket

The collection’s journey first visits the 1930s, with military styles to the fore. The three-quarter length Garrison Coat takes its cue from the classic Storm coat style, but attention to detail and clever engineering place it firmly in the present. The use of sturdy cotton makes for a coat that is robust yet light, while a fully seam-sealed and taped interior provides a high watermark for a level of detail that is maintained throughout.

The Trail Jacket

Similarly, the Aviator and Tank jackets from the same decade proved influential to the Trail Jacket, for which water repellent waxed 6oz cotton was chosen to cope with both the elements and heavy wear. The shape defines the adventurous spirit like few others, and steers the journey ever onward.

The Cooper Jacket

Motorcyclists and scooter-riding mods of the late 1950s might not have always had the most harmonious history, but one thing on which they were agreed was the enduring style of Belstaff’s 1950s scooter jackets. These effortlessly cool designs were popularized by motorcyclists and are the jumping off point for the simple, elegant lines of the Cooper Jacket. The point collar is evocative of the era, as is the inclusion of archival plaid lining, but the supple, full-grain leather, slim-fitted cut and a design that puts freedom of movement to the fore, are thoroughly new additions.

The Journey Jacket

Staying in the 1950s, the Journey Jacket takes its inspiration from the hard-wearing fabric of panniers and travel bags that appeared towards the end of that decade. The result is a densely woven cotton canvas that fuses craftsmanship, durability and style. Heavy laundering lends an easy-to-wear, broken-in feel.

The Hunter Vest

Our hunting vest, from the late 1960s and early 1970s is a classic style that demands care and attention – and not just because it’s often seen with a gun by its side. The Hunter Vest’s fitted cut, muted and refined colour enhance the original’s definitive style, while the diamond quilted, water-repellent cloth, lightweight insulation and a stand up, wind-cheating cotton corduroy-lined collar create something that is much more than the sum of its parts.

The Weekender Jacket

The Weekender Jacket, a jacket for everybody, everywhere, feels very much like a testament to Eli Belovitch’s experiments with waterproof fabrics, taking all of that history, method and process and distilling it into in a water-repellent memory cloth jacket that looks great and can easily be stowed away. It represents modern style and timeless practicality in a nutshell – or a backpack.

The same holds true for the rest of the collection, which boasts a strong sense of clarity and continuity. Classic silhouettes are refined and reinvented, from the Irish Cable jumper, to the Fisherman’s Rib and Marine Roll Neck – all adding to a collection that pays homage to familiar stories in order to drive its own, unique narrative and give us a glimpse of what the future might hold…