The Outlaws Band of Clowns

Once a famous Mariachi quintet, the circus band of Outlaws have fallen victim to fame in an endless cycle of drink and debt. Now playing B-Movie gigs to get by, their once brash and colourful melodies are tinged with bittersweet nostalgia.

The Outlaws Mariachi Band

Under the Day of the Dead makeup and circus costume, Nabuzenko is a Mexico City-based band, consisting of Misha Marks (baritone horn, latarra), Jacobo Guerrero (darbuka, bendir, tambora), Carlos Pichardo (alto and soprano sax), Rodrigo de Leo (tenor sax), Dario Bernal (drums), Rodrigo Acevedo (electric bass) and Felipe Peralta (as guest musician in Outlaws). Although difficult to define, the band has developed their own musical language, taking inspiration from musical traditions of the Middle east, Mexican folklore and Eastern Europe, as well as free improvisation and rock noise. Outlaws features self-composed melodies adapted to the script and the surreal atmosphere of the Big Top. With Outlaws as their first film credit, Nabuzenko feel a connection with their circus roles: musicians who travel the world without a base, home or boundaries…